Lower temporal line

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Mastoid processTemporal styloid processCondyloid processMental foramenZygomatic archExternal acoustic meatusLower temporal lineUpper temporal lineMandibular fossaCoronal sutureLambdoid sutureFrontonasal sutureFrontomaxillary sutureSphenofrontal sutureFrontozygomatic sutureSquamous sutureSphenosquamous sutureSphenoparietal sutureParietomastoid sutureOccipitomastoid sutureFrontal boneParietal boneTemporal boneSphenoid boneEthmoid boneLacrimal boneZygomatic boneNasal boneMaxillaOccipital boneOccipital boneMandibleTeeth'The bones of the skull viewed from the side with links to the individual bones.'

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The bones of the skull viewed from the side.

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