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The sternum is a bone that runs vertically down the middle of the chest. Unlike most bones which have a left and right version, there is only one sternum in the human body.

Bones of the skull (Anatomy map)Cervical vertebraeClavicleClavicleSternumScapulaScapulaHumerusRadiusUlnaBones of the hand (Anatomy map)HumerusRadiusUlnaBones of the hand from behind (Anatomy map)Thoracic vertebraeLumbar vertebraeBones of the pelvis (Anatomy map)FemurFemurPatellaPatellaTibiaTibiaFibulaFibulaBones of the foot (Anatomy map)Bones of the foot (Anatomy map)Rib cage'The human skeleton.'

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The bones of the body.
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