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The ulna is a bone in the forearm that runs from the hand (on the side opposite the thumb) to the large point of the elbow (the olecranon process). The ulna is thicker at the proximal (elbow) end of the forearm and thinner at the distal (hand) end. The radius runs parallel to the ulna.

Bones of the skull (Anatomy map)Cervical vertebraeClavicleClavicleSternumScapulaScapulaHumerusRadiusUlnaBones of the hand (Anatomy map)HumerusRadiusUlnaBones of the hand from behind (Anatomy map)Thoracic vertebraeLumbar vertebraeBones of the pelvis (Anatomy map)FemurFemurPatellaPatellaTibiaTibiaFibulaFibulaBones of the foot (Anatomy map)Bones of the foot (Anatomy map)Rib cage'The human skeleton.'

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