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This is a list of common questions about Wixpert. If your question isn't answered here, contact us.


General Questions

How do I know the information on Wixpert is correct?

There is no guarantee, however, there is never a guarantee. Studies have found large scale wikis to be as accurate as other major encyclopedias[1]

What credentials do I need to edit?

None. You may edit any pages that aren't protected. If you don't believe it, try making a test edit in the Sandbox.

What software do I need?

Any standard browser should do. Wixpert editing has been tested successfully on these platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPhone, and with these browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera. If you can read this page, odds are you can edit Wixpert with no additional software. If you have any trouble, contact us.

Who determines what information goes on Wixpert?

Wixpert is developed by the public. Anyone can change the information on here, and anyone can change it back. Large groups of people are very good at spotting errors and will correct any inaccuracies given enough time and enough eyes.

Do I need to write the whole article?

Definitely not. Wixpert is a collaborative project- just write what you know best. You can request articles, pictures, or help writing an article. If your specialty is revision, consider the list of articles needing work.

What is my rank?

Your rank can be found on My preferences. It will appear after your username. You must be logged in to see your rank.

How does formatting work?

See formatting.

What is the difference between Wixpert and Wikipedia?

They are built on the same software, so they look quite similar. The difference is that Wixpert contributors can get paid for their work.

How can I contact Wixpert?

You can contact us here.

Ad Sharing Program Questions

How can I make money editing?

Through our ad sharing program.

Ad Sharing: How does it work?

Wixpert is a collaborative encyclopedia and dictionary written and edited by people all over the world.

Ad Sharing: Is sharing Adsense space okay with Google?

Yes, but don't take our word for it- Adsense - Sharing your ad space

Ad Sharing: How much will I make?

There is no definite answer. Advertising revenue tends to vary dramatically. The more you contribute to Wixpert, the higher your rank will go, and the more your ad will get shown. Adsense policy prohibits releasing details about earnings, so we can't give examples. All Adsense payments are made in $100 increments, so you will not get paid until your total Adsense earnings reach $100.

Ad Sharing: Where will my ad be shown?

Your ad will be shown on all the ad-approved articles on Wixpert - not just the ones you edit. The only factor that affects how often your ad runs is your rank.

Ad Sharing: What information will I need to give?

To register on the site, none. Providing an email address is recommended but option, will not be shared (see privacy policy).

To register for the ad sharing program, Wixpert will only need your Adsense code. Your Adsense code will be exposed to the public, which shouldn't be an issue as it's intended to be made public and cannot function otherwise.

Adsense will need a bit more information because they are the ones who handle the money. They will need your tax information before any payments can be made. This will certainly include some sensitive information. Wixpert will not have access to any of this sensitive information - that is strictly between you and Google. You can still sign up for an Adsense account and use it with our system to try it out without giving any tax information - your payments will be 'on hold' until such information is provided.

Ad Sharing: Who can join the ad-sharing program?

Anyone who edits Wixpert, and anyone can edit Wixpert. If you don't have an Adsense account, you can easily make one (it's free) or choose to donate your ad space to one of our supported causes.

Ad Sharing: Are there any risks in joining the ad sharing program?

One: your ad will be shown on a wiki that can be edited by anyone. This creates the possibility that your ad will be shown on a page that is inappropriate for ads. You remain responsible for your ads. The terms of use agreement will require that you indemnify Wixpert for any and all damage to your Adsense account.

That being said, we take several precautions to make sure ads are not shown on inappropriate articles. Our editor team looks at every edit to an article before approving it for ads. To date, we have not had a single complaint from Adsense or any user about ads on pages that are not appropriate for ads.

Ad Sharing: Does it cost anything to join?


Ad Sharing: What percent of ad space will I get?

The distribution algorithm is kept secret, but the higher your rank, the higher your percentage of ad space. All users together will get the majority (a minimum of 51%) of the ad space.

Ad Sharing: How do I get started?

Sign up for Adsense if you haven't already. Then see how to upload an ad.

Ad Sharing: Can I use non-Adsense ads?

No. At this time we only carry Adsense ads. If you want us to support others, request it.

Ad Sharing: How will I get paid?

Wixpert does not share revenue- it shares advertising space. This ad space can be monetized with Adsense. Any money earned through the ad sharing program will be paid by Google, not by Wixpert.

Ad Sharing: Why not share revenue directly?

Wixpert lets Google handle all the ad placement and payments for several reasons. Adsense is very good at putting the right ads in the right place. Adsense already has a large number of advertisers and publishers with billions of dollars being paid out each year[2]. By letting Google handle the money, Wixpert does not need anyone's personal information - Wixpert does not need your name, address, or tax information and will not ask for it.


How do I edit an article?

See how to edit.

How do I start a new article?

Search for the topic you want to write about. If the article doesn't already exist, the search results page will give you the option to create it. Don't be afraid to start new articles - writing one sentence is perfectly fine.


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  2. http://investor.google.com/documents/20100630_google_10Q.html
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