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Editing a wiki is an inherently public undertaking. Any edits you make to the site will be publicly available, including edits that are reverted or later changed. A list of all your editing activity will be available to anyone.


Wixpert will not share, release, or expose your email address with third parties in any way unless legally obligated to do so.

Wixpert may use your email in the ways permitted by your email settings (see Special:Preferences under the section 'Email options' to view or change these). If your settings permit it, Wixpert will allow other users to contact you through your email address, send you copies of emails you send through Wixpert, and send you alerts about the website. If you send an email to another user through Wixpert, your email address will be the 'sender' of the email and visible to the recipient. If you reply to an email, it will be sent directly to the person who contacted you.

IP addresses

If you edit a page without being logged in, that change will be credited to your IP address. Your IP will be shown publicly as the author of the edit. If you don't want your IP address made public, login before editing. If you edit while logged in, your IP address will not be shown. IP addresses may be stored in log files and used for statistics or to detect abuse.

Search queries

Wixpert stores the search queries entered on the site. The only information stored is the text that is entered without any information that links it to a user or IP address.


Wixpert uses cookies to keep track of login information. Other cookies may originate from visiting Wixpert through our 3rd party applications described below.

Google Analytics

When the viewer is not logged in, Wixpert uses Google Analytics on pages starting with 'Wixpert:' and the login and registration pages. When the viewer is logged in, Google Analytics will appear only on the page informing a new user that registration was successful. The purpose of this is to track the effectiveness of our advertisements in getting new editors to sign up. When active, Google Analytics uses cookies, and will keep track of information that is made available to every visited website including what pages are viewed, time spent on each page, IP address, and browser type and capabilities. It cannot access any information that isn't already available to every website you visit. For more, see http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html.

Ad servers

Wixpert uses ads from Google Adsense. These ads may use cookies, pixel trackers, and Flash. For more, see http://www.google.com/privacy_ads.html.

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