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Wixpert is an collaborative encyclopedia based on the principle that encyclopedia articles should be both correct and helpful. It’s very easy for an encyclopedia to get so bogged down in technical details that it is not useful for people wanting to learn about a topic. Wixpert is both reference and educational material and works to make the right information available at the right time and place.

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Articles on Wixpert are written collaboratively. While sometimes a single person writes a complete article, this is not usually the case. The most common route is that writer 1 starts an article with a single sentence; writer 2 adds three more sentences; writer 3 clarifies the first sentence; writer 4 reorganizes it into two paragraphs; writer 5 adds another paragraph; writer 6 fixes a typo; writer 1 comes back and adds another paragraph; writer 6 fixes another typo; etc, until a complete article begins to emerge.

Wixpert makes money by showing ads on the articles that are suitable for advertising and meet certain quality standards. Wixpert uses Adsense - Google’s advertising program. The money from these ads goes to supporting and upgrading the site, and paying the writers - anyone can make money writing for Wixpert. To see how this works, we need to take a closer look at Adsense:

The way Adsense normally works is that someone, let’s call her Jane, puts Adsense on her website, for this example let’s say it’s a blog about trees. When someone comes to read Jane’s blog, the Adsense code on that page contacts Google and gets ads that are relevant to the page - in this case that might mean a local nursery trying to sell the reader a new tree, the local stump removal service, or some place selling gardening supplies. Jane gets about two thirds of the money made from these ads, and Google will send her checks in the mail. The more popular her blog, the more ads get shown and the more money she makes.

If Jane were to write for Wixpert, she would send her Adsense code to the ad system at Wixpert. When someone visits a Wixpert page, the system picks a random person’s Adsense and shows it on the page. The person picked would then get the money for those particular ads. The next page will pick another random person and show the Adsense that they have uploaded. In this way, all the writers on Wixpert will get their Adsense shown and make money from it. But the distribution is not entirely random - it is biased toward the people who have written and contributed more. In this way, the most productive writers get the most money and everyone is fairly compensated for their work.

Writing for Wixpert is extremely flexible - writers can do as much or as little as they please on any encyclopedic topic they want to write about. Signing up for Adsense is free, and signing up with Wixpert is free. There is no cost involved - the only investment is time and energy.

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